Are you an integral man?

Integrity means making three agreements with yourself.

You say “yes” when you mean yes.

You say “no” when you mean no.

You always do what you say you are going to do.

Does integrity mean something different to you?


3 thoughts on “Are you an integral man?

  1. animatingyourlife

    LOVE this post, I’ve been thinking a LOT about integrity lately and how the people in my life demonstrate it – or don’t. What it means to me and what it means to them. The straightforwardness and simplicity of this is great.

    1. jrmindful Post author

      Thanks! Glad it was useful. If I may, how have you been defining integrity? How would this definition help you? I highly recommend the Mankind Project to help you simplify other things in life. That’s where I started to simplify the definition after years of contemplating the value.


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