Embrace failure

A blogger friend recently reminded me that accepting failure is part of our daily lives. In fact, it’s a hallmark of success!

Often people place their lives in a continuum with only failure and perfection as end points.

What about changing that measure to competence since perfection doesn’t exist — at least not in the universe we know. The physical universe is riddled with imperfections despite the immutable laws we think regulate it.

Failure is a gauge in an imperfect world.

Are you really a failure?


2 thoughts on “Embrace failure

  1. Eric Tonningsen

    Without doubt. And it’s not really a novel concept: competence. The mere thought of its ability to serve as a qualitative assessment, is both appropriate and powerful. Why don’t we? As you highlight, there’s more than enough to measure between the extreme endpoints. Bravo and thanks for surfacing a valuable perspective.

    1. jrmindful Post author

      There is really nothing new under the sun. When working with clients who often talk about their failures without learning from them or just seeing themselves as failures without looking at their competency, they often eventually come up with things they are good at. Just one strength and the conversation changes!


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