HeArt+Mindfulness for Him offers men the ability to reconnect – individually with himself or personally with each other – in a safe space where they can deepen the practice of mindfulness and mindful dialogue.

You too can enjoy the gentle and gradual processes. The virtual or guided personal meditation, group-based mindfulness exercises or individual sessions are proven to reduce stress and effective ways to reconnect.

Use the aPrayer app, join us for HeArtful Mindfulness session or a mindful walk ~ allowing you to transport yourself to a simple, quiet place even in a busy, urban setting.

Perhaps you’d prefer to schedule a one-on-one session to reconnect with yourself.

Sessions give you the opportunity to develop skills and practices that specifically work for you to engage in a regular mindfulness practice and enhance mindfulness in your daily life. Watch the universe within. Reconnect with the universe and yourself.

Sessions also allow flexibility and encourage those new to the practices to enjoy the moment.

Self-reflection will engage you to become self-aware about what you need to do. Your relaxation, concentration and awareness will improve.


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