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Do you have a mindfulness playlist?

Music’s calming effects can also help you focus and become mindful.

If you do use it for mindfulness, what are some of your favorite songs on it and why?

If you don’t, what songs would you pick to get one started?

A smartphone is an ideal way to keep a mindful music list to listen any time you need it throughout your day.



Deep breathing for relaxation

Deep breathing is a simple but effective method of relaxation.

Taking “10 deep breaths” to calm down does work!

To reduce stress, try it along with progressive muscular relaxation, relaxation visualization, mindfulness and aPrayer.


Enjoy mindful walking, strolling or rolling

Today, no matter what the weather, go out and walk, stroll or roll alone, on a sidewalk, a park or a nature trail.

Mindful walking, strolling or rolling.

Let your thoughts come to your body and its movement, to your breath and to the environment around you.

Feel your feet or your wheels in contact with the ground, notice the swing or push of your arms.

Play with your gait or stride and gait to bring your full attention to the sole purpose of walking, strolling or rolling Your purpose in this mindful moment is simply to walk, stroll or roll.

Now after a bit of this mindful exercise, notice what thoughts arise from this place.

Your thoughts will eventually intrude on your presence — what are you saying to yourself? Are you having positive, affirming thoughts?

Pay attention to the automatic negative thoughts or negative beliefs or the self-criticisms about yourself, your ANTS, inner bullies and gremlins.

Become aware.

It is an important first step in reducing the power that ANTS can have to ruin the bounty of your life’s picnic. Allow new possibilities to arise. It opens the space to use affirmations as antidotes to negativity.