individual insight

Take a first mindful step: become aware. Take a second mindful step: increase your self awareness. Take a third step: assess where you are now.

Give yourself luxury to take an hour or two to think about yourself in a place you find comfortable and relaxing. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Answer the questions below, honestly, authentically and uncritically.You may do it over several days, away from distractions. Do not erase (or delete) nor prioritize the things you write.

Keep this list and answers to yourself, it’s your individual insight where you are in your life today. It’s your baseline for years to come. Use it again and again throughout your life ~ especially before contemplating transitions or changes ~ or when you need time to reflect and take a deeper look inside.


1. What are activities that you really like to do? What are your interests?

2. What motivates you today? What things do you value right now? What gives you personal strength.

3. What are 30 words that describe you? (Use words that you use to describe yourself or those others might use to describe you. Keep the words positive. Be kind to yourself. Shine the best light on yourself).

4. While daydreaming, what do you think about?

5. How do you interact with yourself? With others? With your job?

6. What’s the best part of your life, including your current job, right now?

7. When you are happy about what you are doing, what is it that you are doing? What do you enjoy doing when no one pays you?

8. What is most important to you in your “perfect career?”

9. In life, what is most important to you?

10. What is one thing your family and friends think you should do for a living?

11. What kind of blessings do you want in your life?

12. Describe your outlook on life.

13. Describe the best aspects in your work and personal life.


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