mindful walks for men

Naked Centurion

Several 90 minute walks throughout DC introduce men to concept of mindfulness even in a busy, urban setting and to enjoy the ability to transport to a simple, quiet place.

The walks begin with the thought: naked versus nude. Nude confers power; naked implies helplessness. State of nature or formal? Exposed or voluntary? What are the different ways of defining not only how we look at something but how we feel about it? Like a guided tour, the mindful walks for men urges men to see powerful nudes. Male nudes. The walks are about asking men to stop, look and reaffirm themselves as they look at the power and beauty of the male nude and reaffirm their own masculinity.

Our mindful walk for men is led by a DC certified tour guide and life coach. Highlights of statuary include Capitol Hill, Federal Triangle and Dupont Circle. Cost is 15 dollars per person. Discount for group, maximum 12 participants.

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