HeArtful mindfulness for men

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Join us for a 12-week program specially for men. Learn to mobilize your heart, mind and body. Gain insight. Cope more effectively with stress. Take charge of your life!

Meditation and mindfulness practices are simple and completely feasible. To bring a kind and non-judging awareness is relatively straightforward. Yet each man has strong habits, patterns and conditioning that can make it difficult for him to stay present with his experience, moment to moment.

Mindfulness is the fruit of meditation. It is an investigation, an exploration, an experiment and an adventure. It is present-moment awareness. It is awareness of change. Even by just sitting, breathing and doing nothing, you will do a tremendous amount.

Mindfulness can be experienced and lies above and beyond the words and symbols used to describe it.

Mindfulness takes place in the here and now.

Mindfulness reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing.

It sees things as they are. It sees the true nature of any phenomena.

We create conditions that help men practice mindfulness. When we create the right environment for mindfulness, it’s easier to practice. Each man becomes deeply aware of his thoughts, words and actions and sharpens his concentration, thinking power and intuition. We examine uncomfortable emotional states by fully accepting their existence not rejecting it. Yet we do not cling to the pleasant.

Mindfulness and concentration complement each other in mediation. Guided meditation and mindfulness inspire men to create a personal space and personal sense of discipline. Mindfulness directs the power of concentration. Concentration helps mindfulness reach the deepest level of the mind.

Program runs on a 12-week cycle yet men are welcome to attend any session, which lasts approximately 60 minutes. No previous mindfulness or meditation experience necessary.

A donation of 15 dollars suggested. Five dollars if you bring a friend. Men, however, are encouraged to contribute what they can afford or are moved to give.

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