reconnecting with yourself

Stressed out by work or daily life?

Dealing with illness or chronic pain?

Coping with grief or loss?

Anxious or depressed?

Eager to balance your life?

Realize this: Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Therefore, we share a chemical DNA with the universe. You are made from the stuff of stars; 1a supernovas to be precise.

So, how is your life in balance and harmony with the universe, your universe?

What resonates with you for personal growth?

Are you attuned to your values, strengths, skills and energy?

Do you need to reconnect and rebalance yourself?

Have your routines be come bus, metro, walk or bicycle, gym, beer or metro, work, sleep?

Reconnect with the universe and with yourself. In the privacy of our comfortable and welcoming space or your own home, enjoy the practices sometimes called reconnective healing, energy and bodywork.

By creating a welcoming environment and safe space, we are able to do the necessary work to expand and explore. Sacred. Intimate. With it comes connection, truthfulness and openness and tremendous healing and growth.

Healing is undefined: it can be physical, mental, spiritual. It can be a quiet moment of clarity, a moment of introspection and intuition, a feeling, a moment of deeply personal listening or feeling an energizing or sensual touch that can help you return to your primal patterns more efficiently.

Experience healing energy through your visualizations. Feel a sense of balance and relaxation. Innate and instinctive. This is not therapy of any sort yet it is therapeutic!

Here’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, who you are and the fullness of your being and the universe.

I offer you an invitation to interact with yourself to obtain valuable information in our studio space or your home. Tap into your own energy and essence and help yourself become aware. Share your honesty.

Let me help you return to balance and to create a space to allow you to come back into balance. You have a gift of time, of the moment. You have the intelligence and wisdom you need to guide you where you want to go.

How are you enhancing your vital energy?

How are you tapping into the subtle energy of the universe?

Do you want to feel happy, fulfilled, successful and lovable?

Do you want your life to be meaningful, significant?

Reconnective sessions, in person or by phone, last at least 45 minutes but can be longer. Reconnective sessions require three session minimum.

Energy and bodywork sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes up to 120 minutes. You may choose different modalities each session scheduled, at our studio or your home. Schedule them as often and as regularly as you like.

Pricing varies according to session type. Special discounts for college students. Service members and veterans receive special discounts and complimentary first session.

Referrals welcome and appreciated.

Explore. Learn. Reflect. Reconnect. Heal.

Reconnect with your universe.

Reconnect with yourself.

Call me at 202.328.7414 to schedule a private session.

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