special service providers

We are pleased to connect you with our friends who can offer you other unique services and products.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

We invite you to contact them directly to help you fulfill your needs.

Revive your senses.

West-Coast transplant Lou Gagnon bridges the knowledge of the ancient, old and modern masters with 21st century cognitive science and perceptual psychology to help you tap into your inner artist. Lou’s passion is helping men connect with their art. Let Lou help you develop a more intimate relationship with creativity, expression and art. Private and semi-private workshops in a beautiful working agricultural and flower farm in Northern Virginia put the focus on your interests and experience. You’ve seen all your life, now learn to see what you’ve been missing.

Ohio-based Kerry Lind, a competitive bodybuilder, is your wellness connection. He can create an online physical and nutritional program tailored to your needs. Strength training can be done in the privacy of your home or in any commercial gym. You can do many exercises with little or no equipment, using simply your body weight. You can use bands or light-weight tubing that provide resistance when stretched. Or you can use barbells, dumbbells and weight machines found at most fitness centers or gyms. He offers online resources to help guide you to visualize routines. Kerry provides needed inspiration and motivation – much like a live trainer would.

massage and aromatherapy
South-African native Stef incorporates aromatherapy into his massage for men. He invites you to enjoy a very sensual and healing experience. As you relax, touch will also increase blood- and lymph circulation throughout your body. Using beneficial properties of aromatherapy essential oils, your massage is done at Stef’s DC home studio on a massage table. Low lighting, soothing music and Stef’s touch calm you and let you drift into another world.

naked HUGS
Marc Gravallese, a premier life coach in the DC-area, offers men opportunities to gain insight into intimacy. Marc’s naked HUGS program is focused specifically on men who love men, their interpersonal and intimate relationships and their need to find better ways of communicating and resolving conflict.

personal fulfillment
California-based Jeff offers two sensational products, STR8cam and SPUNK Hybrid. These water-based personal lubricants are blended with silicone to resemble the look and feel of natural lubrication. Highest quality ingredients let you feel the sensation of skin-to-skin contact. Long lasting, smooth, enjoyable and safe to use with condoms, they are the perfect all around personal lubricant for any occasion. And also the best shaving cream ever!

Detroit-born Paul Kubek shares his unique talents and vision to capture men’s best assets for online profiles. Some of Paul’s work was included in Brave: Men, printed by world’s leading photography publishing house, Bruno Gmünder. Use the power of Paul’s photography to connect with people online. Most men report a huge surge of interest when posting Paul’s new images on their profiles. Let him help you shine online!

Virginia-based Coach Joe, a fifth degree black belt and PRIDE self-defense instructor, brings a unique philosophy to motivate, stimulate and provide a challenge neurologically and physically in your training sessions. Coach Joe helps men heal and progress. Every man needs a spark of inspiration and a refreshing change for motivation! Let Coach Joe help you experience something fresh, new and real that applies specifically to your needs and helps you find a true balance and achieve mind and body fitness.

Steve Steckler, owner of Asparagus Media Studios in Maryland, helps the best and brightest bring their music to life. Music written and recorded at his facility has been featured in film and television projects worldwide. Custom-designed studio built by skilled acoustic engineers shows meticulous attention detail. And you can hear it in the mix

Various highly respected yoga instructors at Naked Men Yoga @ Vitruvian guide beginners and experienced practitioners through healthful one-hour session on Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm in DC. Metro accessible. Loaner mats available. Enjoy the interaction with other men at the social time that follows.


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