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Are you a self-doubting Thomas or Joe or Pete or Chris?

In Mind Traps: Change Your Mind Change Your Life, Tom Rusk explains self-doubt as something far deeper than your inability to accept your talents and attributes.

“Self-doubt is a mental abscess,” writes Rusk, “which can penetrate to the very essence of your being.”

It is a “slow-growing but highly adaptable fungus, self-doubt is a creeping rot which eats away at your sense of worth. It can be so insidious you may be unaware of its damaging effect on your life.”

How pervasive and invasive is self-doubt?

For Rusk, it is “extremely durable; it is resistant to all but the most sophisticated and determined efforts at eradicating it. Introduced by painful experiences in childhood, self-doubt weaves itself into the fabric of your identity.”

You disguise self-doubt as truth: you keep repeating those negative automatic thoughts and you keep using self-defeating attitudes — which are Rusk’s mind traps.

Self-doubt influences every aspect of your life — from work to relationships. Mind traps ensnare you so that no matter how much some people may love and respect you, you still doubt yourself and you sabotage your own welfare.

How dedicated and determined are you to uproot and eradicate your self-doubt?