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How do you structure your journaling?

Use your journal, written or recorded, as an invitation to come forward, as a moment to meditate and reflect on your prayer and what you’ve seen, felt and experienced throughout your day.

How did I become aware?

How was I grateful?

Which aspects of my day’s experience or prayer excited, troubled, impressed, inspired or unnerved me?

What challenges did I face?

Which thoughts, emotions and feelings surfaced?

How did I acknowledge them?

What became of them?

What commitments did I make and what happened around those commitments?

What choices did I make? How did I discern?

Which feelings and emotions surfaced?

What made me smile and laugh?

What results and successes made me happy?

How do I look toward tomorrow?

Use the questions as a platform to help you gain clarity and keep you focused.

Use the questions to keep you writing!


What do you enjoy about journaling?

Journaling is recording or writing about yourself, your prayers or your spiritual life to capture, memorialize and examine your experience in praying.

Journaling helps you to create a baseline and to remember the fruits of your prayer, those things you heard during prayer and those things you can change.

“It is always so good to write out our problems down so that in reading them over six months or a year later, one can see them evaporate.” (Bergan and Schwan, Birth: A Guide for Prayer).

Use your aPrayer app’s journaling feature to record your problem so that six months or a year later, you hear how they’ve become silent.