Winner life coaching

Feeling fairly energetic and up! I’ll always be grateful to your support that’s enabled me to grow and be able to move onto the next big adventure.
Paul Kubek

You’re getting me on the right track. Things are going great. Thanks for the positive energy.
Brian Archibald

Your understanding and belief in me mean a lot. I believe in me too. I just have to remember to do so more often. Christopher Bowling

I wouldn’t be on this Journey if it weren’t for you and I look to sharing it with you this year and beyond.
Francis O’Brien

20131011-082906.jpg energy + bodywork

I loved the experience. I’m feeling very zen. Thank you.
Demitris Christou

I liked a lot reconnecting with yourself session since it was a new and interesting experience for me. I would have gladly paid, honestly, 200 dollars!

The studio looked nice and neat. I received enough information about the service and my sessions from Joe, who was an amazing host.

It was an amazing experience and a great way to get my thoughts together and enjoy mindfulness. I would recommend this service to my friends!

I found myself transported!
Tigran Markaryan

The venue inspires masculinity surrounded by all the beautiful figurative male art!
John McKracken

My first session was my first experience with bodywork and I wanted to really feel relaxed after my busy schedule from studies and work.

Before the session, I wanted to relax my body and mind from studies and work. And after the session, I have started having good sleep throughout the night.

I was fully satisfied with session since it fulfilled what I was expecting. Joe explained how things worked from the start till the end, including how I should get up from the massage table properly. The studio was really great. The music and ambiance were perfect match.

Joe was very courteous and helpful in explaining the type of bodywork he was doing and what might happen with every part of my body. Everything worked out great. I am completely satisfied with his services and assistance.

I’m glad to use and recommend Joe’s services because I really enjoyed and I am satisfied with them.
Daksh Vora

Wow! Gifted hands and an amazing experience. An A+.
Clarke Jeffries

The session was in a very comfortable setting and relaxing – very conducive to the session.

Although I had few expectations, I was able to let go and be transported to a different realm of experience. It was the perfect experience for the moment!

I have a better understanding of bodywork session and I’m now also interested in understanding other types of sessions.

Joe was perfect! He was a very deliberate and present provider.
Jim Boylton

I have had only one previous massage in my life and that was very different from Joe’s bodywork. I was very relaxed and comfortable with Joe going into the session. I enjoyed it – I enjoyed it very much! It was very relaxing, calming and the time – I think about an hour — went by very quickly. Thanks again for the bodywork!
Al Friedman

I really really enjoyed the session. It was the best…you were perfect, Joe. Thank you for everything!
John Oswald

My overall experience was very positive. I was aware of the personal growth potential without knowing too much about energy work, meditation and mindfulness.When Joe referenced Whitman Sampler, I thought he might be doing some self help work derived from Whitman’s life and poetry!

I’m pretty open to things and the experiences were excellent. I was able to experience running thoughts shifting into calmness in a welcoming environment – the gallery is a good setting: clean, comfortable, quiet and full of positive energy.

Joe was on time and ready as soon as I arrived. He was always professional and polite as well as responsive to any issues or needs I had. He was was mindful of any considerations I might have had –from injuries to insecurities.

I spend a lot of time running around spreading myself thin on multiple projects. Centering myself and adjusting my focus is a constant need. In the middle of all of my own personal chaos, I was able to push pause, slow my heart and find some serenity.

At one moment during an initial session, I was feeling adrift at sea. At another, I had the sensation of grwing into the ground tethered and all around the current continued around me, like a plant on the sea floor. And like tumbleweed, I transcended, drifting on. I ended up finishing with a sense of rejuvenation and solitude, along with some feelings of spiritual connectivity.

Joe was fantastic! His enthusiasm is contagious. I definitely recommend Joe’s reconnecting energy and body work. It’s a great opportunity to stop everything and just let the earth do all the moving.
Sean Bray

20131008-013412.jpg Courtesy of Shungaboy, Rugger Man, 2012.

about me

Greetings! ¡Saludos! Bonjour! I’m Joe, an expert in energy and bodywork in various forms. I have dedicated at least one hour of focus each day to this area of my integral practice: instruction, training, personal growth and hands-on experience.

Very friendly, hospitable and educated man who is polite, masculine and very discreet. Others say I exude peacefulness, calmness and compassion.

For maximum benefit during your session, I integrate mindful techniques, energy-focus, aromatherapy, sound and stretching with light, medium or deep pressure strokes all over your body!

Let my great smile welcome you! Let my expert hands sooth your shoulders, neck, back, arms and legs. Let us connect. From head to toe, I will give you special attention and take time to relieve your tension and stress.

I enjoy what I do and I do it with gusto.


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