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Anyone can use aPrayer to improve, reflect and recollect.

aPrayer is a practical application that will help you to enhance your way of living by encouraging you to pause during your day – wherever you may be. Most of all, aPrayer is an empowering guide plan to help you discern and examine your consciousness, affirm your ability to choose and to respond in the moment, and to take a loving look at the real.

Create a quite space around you where ever you go. Select airplane mode on your iPhone setting. Dedicating 10 to 15 minutes using aPrayer each day will be a rewarding experience as you develop and grow.

Now is the time to understand your self better and to better yourself. Let your thoughts respond to the ordinary events in your everyday life as the sequence of reflection in aPrayer prompts you through five exercises to:

+ Become aware
+ Review the day with gratitude
+ Recall your emotions
+ Focus on your feelings
+ Look toward tomorrow

Each exercise in aPrayer guides you through quiet attentiveness and sensing. A gong prompts you to change your mental position.

Following each exercise, which also include spoken, visual and musical elements, contemplative messages will inspire you and give joy and inner peace. Enjoy the tranquility that will help you attain clarity and precision that each exercise and message brings. Become consciously compassionate.

aPrayer encourages you to listen to these ways of proceeding, meditating and praying in its entirety, particularly during your first sessions.

As you pray, learn to listen. Repeat the exercises each day to become more open, sensitive, attentive, responsive and contemplative in action. Use the basic structure yet with practice, choose between the exercises. For instance, after you begin, you may select to pause or to spend more time or the entire time on only one or two themes.

aPrayer will help you become aware, which will reflect your level of mind-body-spirit intelligence. Being aware will also be useful in all life situations.

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